Monday, March 29, 2010


Starting to write this journal while I'm silently lying on bed and having some quiet time thinking about life. Suddenly my mind was beginning to play the music that repeatedly break my soul when I remembered it.- This is the sad music of My Life.

In life, we met new people, make friends with them, sharing laughter, exchanging stories, comforting one another specially when one is in pain and developed a strong relationship as time went by. All of those were moments that marked in our hearts and mind. But, why it has to stop? Why somebody needs to leave and why we feel great loss when it happen?

Maybe because we know that the bond wont happen again, the laughter and smile, the jokes and quarrels will always stay in our memory and slowly kill and stab our hearts whenever we remember it. That's why I don't like meeting new people again. I don't want to get attached to them because I know time will come, they will leave me or I'll leave them in just a tick of a clock.

I hate leaving my friends! I hate somebody leaving me! because I hate missing the moment that I had shared with them. It's quite hurting.. it's like dying but sometimes I realized, did my friends feel the same way as I feel? It's so unfair if they weren't. Maybe I'm just too emotional.

Well, we have different gauge of emotions. We have different ways of responding and we have different ways of coping. I just hope I can get over it immediately because right now the memories slowly assassinates me. I missed my friends, my very best of friends. I missed seeing them everyday..watching their tired faces. giving smiles, sharing meals and teasing whosoever.

Guys, I've been missing you all. Thank you is not enough to express how grateful I am of having you. You may not be a perfect friend but you're definitely one of the very best friends in this whole wide world. May God bless us all!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You want to succeed? Then, put aside your excuses...

Success & Excuses do not Walk Together. If you want Excuses - Forget about Success & if you want Success - do not give Excuses!". Do not let fear rules because fear is looking at the opposite direction of faith. It is concentrating on the impossible rather than the possible. It is the master of the coward, the prison of the ignorant, the toothless bulldog that threatens entrance into the room of abundance."

Furthermore, people should realize that a persons' success is not just measured by how much money he earns or how many material things he/she possess--- gauge of success is a totality-- your relationship with God, family bond, friendships, work that you love and are happy with and a whole lot of people who loves you and you love-- for in the end, we shall all die, yet judgement comes after. It is still HE who decides if you succeeded in this lifetime or not.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"Even when a friend does something you do not like, he continues to be your friend. " - Genghis Khan

There are so many different quotes and stories of it's importance. People have said a lot on it's foundations and the elements it consists. Many can attest to the value of it and how it can be very life changing. Countless have already sacrificed for the sake of the bond. Tears have been shed to save it. There are a lot of people still trying and a lot more have succeeded.
I have always valued the people to whom I make this bond and union. All trust and all love. We find peace in it. We find warmth even in the coldest days. No one can ever truly say that it sucks. Even the hardest times when you feel that it's all not worth it, you just keeps on running back to it. We ask for it's protection and it's wisdom. Most of the times we just wanted to be in it's presence and know that everything is going to be okay. In it's presence, we ask for comfort and guidance. We hope that we will be in the right path but if not we can always come back home.

But it's not perfect. We have been hurt. I have been hurt. What do you do when it fails you? Do you turn your back as well? Do you run back and mend the pieces? When is it too much? When do you say it's enough? Will you ever be the same?

We will never be the same. We will be stronger. I will be stronger.